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1:1 Support Request

As a provider of professional learning opportunities, the Upstate PDRC is committed to partnership principles that go beyond stand-alone PD sessions. The 1:1 Support option is a way for the PDRC to meet a school's unique needs through direct consultation and targeted professional learning. We know that the work we do 1:1 with any school will offer us insights and learnings that will benefit other schools in the long term. We invite you to fill out the form below to schedule a time with our staff for:​​​


CONSULTATION: Offer our time and expertise toward discussion on specific topics or content relevant to school needs


THOUGHT PARTNERS: Serve as a thought partner through conversation and problem-solving on specific topics or content relevant to school needs 


RESOURCES: Provide specific tools, resources, research aligned with school request. 


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Provide targeted PD aligned with school requests.


FACILITATION: Facilitate meetings, planning and discussion in support of outcomes sought by school request. 


COACHING: Supporting individual leaders/teachers in a coaching role with content/process aligned to request.

How soon do you need support?

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