Join Our Educator's Think Tank

Questions will be directly related to your experience and can be answered in a few short sentences.  For example:

What is your biggest struggle with classroom management today? Or, "What was one bright-spot from the week you can share?"  All information will be kept confidential and anonymous. Data will only be reported in the aggregate through our newsletters or on our website. 


Think Tank members will also be invited to optional, impromptu zoom focus groups for collegial discussions that  

  • 'dig deeper' into issues impacting your practice and your schools; 

  • allow sharing of creative solutions and resources, 

  • let the PDRC know how we can best support your needs.

Your membership in the Think Tank is the first step toward high quality professional development that is founded on strong, open, supportive, collaborative relationships as co-learners.


To sign up just complete the form below and submit.  Participation is completely optional, and you can remove yourself from this group at any time.   Thank you for lending your expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes for students in religious and independent schools. 

Partnership and relationships are the core of any successful endeavor and they are at the core of our work. At the Upstate PDRC we have created a forum by which you, our key stakeholders, can offer your voice, your opinions, your feedback to inform, improve, inspire and drive our work. Without you and your input all we are doing is making "assumptions" and you all know where that will lead. 


When you sign up for our "Educator Think Tank" we want you to know what you are getting into! Our vision is that we will use this forum to help us stay abreast of happenings in the day-to-day lives of school educators.  You will receive weekly or bi-weekly questions of the week via email. These questions will be super brief and will directly inform the professional development that is offered to teachers and school leaders.   

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