Current Learning Opportunities are offered below, first from the Upstate PDRC  on the left by topic area. Also provided are titles of opportunities offered by our PDRC partners; the Long Island PDRC at Catapult Learning and the NYC PDRC at Fordham University, off to the right. During this time of social distancing all of the PDRC learning opportunities are open and available to all NYS Religious and Independent Schools. You may register for Upstate PDRC offerings here on our website by clicking on the registration link provided below. To register for PDRC offerings from our partners in NYC and LI please click on the link provided to go to each of their websites under "find out more."  All offerings are online at this time. All offerings will be recorded for on demand access and stored under "Archived Offerings." 

Emotional and Social Health

Trauma Informed Education: Understanding Chronic Traumatic Stress

(Webinar On Demand)

Kat Owens, MSW, Senior Professional Development Specialist

In the past month, our lives have been drastically changed, and many people - staff, students, and parents - are experiencing some form of chronic stress as a result. In this webinar, learn the immediate and lasting impacts that chronic traumatic stress can have on the brain, reflect on your own experience with chronic stress, and explore trauma-informed approaches to supporting both yourself and others - right now and when you return to the classroom.

Participants will:

  • Become familiar with concepts of beneficial stress, toxic stress and trauma

  • Reflect on stress, coping and resilience in their own lives

  • Learn strategies for trauma-informed classroom practice

To view this webinar, visit the Safe & Supportive Schools Technical Assistance Center.  

Screening Event and Online Dialogue:   “Screenagers: Next Chapter”

Gina Karp, M.Ed., Senior Training Specialist

This session will provide an opportunity for educators and caregivers to learn about extended screen time, adolescent development and navigating difficult emotions as we move forward with remote learning.  Up to 500 participants will be able to register for an asynchronous viewing during the two-week viewing period. The documentary has a Covid-specific introduction by the filmmaker, Dr. Delaney Ruston. A recorded Q&A session follows the screening. To view the trailer (3 min):

Participants will:

  • Learn about the effects of anxiety and depression on youth

  • Learn about the relationship of social media to  adolescent anxiety and depression

  • Consider the role of parent/caregiver as support and role model

This webinar is available through 6/14/20

Social Health During Social Distancing

Gina Karp, M.Ed. , Senior Professional Development Specialist

What is Social-Emotional Learning, and how can it be implemented in the current virtual instruction context? How can SEL support and enrich academic work? This recorded session will provide an overview of Social-Emotional Learning principles with a focus on integrating SEL into the virtual learning context to maintain a sense of emotional safety, resiliency and well-being. 

Participants will:

  • Become familiar with the principles of SEL

  • Examine ways to apply SEL content and strategies to the virtual environment

  • Review examples of implementation

"Social Health During Social Distancing" is available now:

Learning to Host Virtual Circles: Engage and Connect through Restorative Practices

Presented by Lori DeCarlo in conjunction with the Safe and Supportive Schools Technical Assistance Center

Connecting with others solely through virtual ways can feel new, different, and even overwhelming. Many practices we use to communicate and engage for learning rely on being face-to-face. Let's explore how to bridge the gap. In this webinar, we will share a potential process and "best practice" recommendations for implementing virtual restorative circles. 


As a follow-up to this webinar, please join us for​ "Modeling the Virtual Circle", an example circle using some of the resources provided by Lori DeCarlo and Safe Supportive Schools.

*Virtual Circles are a Restorative Justice community building strategy. 

"Learning to Host Virtual Circles: Engage and Connect through Restorative Practices" is available now:

"Modeling the Virtual Circle" is available now:

At Home, At School: What Can We Learn From Experienced Homeschoolers During Remote Learning?

Gina Karp, M.Ed. , Senior Professional Development Specialist

This session will examine the differences between home and institutional schooling briefly, with a focus on the mindset of schooling at home. Research and interview data will be shared regarding the benefits, best practices and advice from experienced homeschool parents.


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