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Fall 2022 Sessions

Young Teacher

High Impact Instructional Leadership

This three-part series is designed for instructional leaders such as school leaders, teacher leaders, instructional coaches, and department chairs who want to take their schools' practice and culture of feedback to the next level. Participants are invited to attend one or all of the institute sessions.

Upcoming Sessions

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Sept 29, 2022 4-5pm
Lesson Coherence

Oct 13, 2022 4-5pm
Student Engagement

Oct 27, 2022 4-5pm
Formative Assessment

Lesson coherence requires teacher clarity, planning, and preparation. This session provides instructional leaders with ways of seeing that go from design to high-impact delivery of the lesson. This session is part of a three-part institute. Participants are invited to attend one or all of the institute sessions.

Student engagement goes well beyond counting the number of hands raised or eyes on the teacher. In this session, instructional leaders will examine a set of classroom look-for’s based on the work of Philip Schlechty, ways of seeing both attention and intellectual engagement in the classroom. 

Formative assessment in the classroom must be well-planned and more than once in any given lesson. In this session, instructional leaders will unpack what formative assessment is, what it is not, and how to help teachers leverage this high-impact practice for greater results.

Young Kids in Class

Instructional Practices 

Join us for two upcoming sessions to explore instructional practices to support student learning. 

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Upcoming Sessions

Oct. 20, 2022 4-5pm
Collaboration and Co-Teaching: Creating Inclusive Classrooms to Support All Learners

Interested in learning how to maximize the impact of the adults in your classroom? This session takes you through the what, why, and how of collaboration and co-teaching. Learn some simple, efficient, and effective ways to organize yourself and your co-teacher, your paraeducators, or any other adults in your classroom to create FUN and inclusive environments. Designed for K-12 teachers who are interested in getting started with co-teaching or anyone looking to improve their collaborative/co-teaching practices.

Nov. 8, 2022 4-5pm
Using Accountable Talk to Increase Learning and Engagement

We all know that discussion plays an important role in education, but we often do not understand how important it is, or the best way to structure the conversation in the classroom. This session will explore how using accountable talk can increase student engagement, retention, and the use of academic and content language. Participants will examine strategies to go beyond surface-level engagement to increase higher-order thinking (HOT) and student collaboration. Finally, participants will examine how accountable talk can be used as formative and summative assessments.

Asian teacher writing on chalkboard

Fall Math Series

This three-part series is designed for math teachers and department chairs who want to explore math strategies to increase student learning. The audience for this session is upper elementary through high school math teachers, however, the concepts are transmissible to all elementary teachers as well.

Fall Into Math PD.jpg

Upcoming Sessions

Sept 22, 2022 4-5pm
Turn Your Classroom into a Student-Centered Mathematical Playground

In this session, we will share ideas on how to transform your learning environment into a space of engaging mathematical thinking and activity. We will focus on a variety of tasks including how to set up and maintain a vibrant student-centered classroom, how to create access for all types of math learners, and validating and supporting students to rise to a challenge. The purpose of this session is to take away tasks, puzzles, and problems to differentiate for all the learners in your classroom as well as offer an entry point into deeper math thinking and discussions that will last the entire school year.

Oct 27, 2022 4-5pm
Meaningful Makeovers: Making Math Problems/Questions More Engaging While Creating Access for All Types of Math Learners

In this session, participants will learn strategies on how to transform their math exercises from a given text into a meaningful problem-solving experience. Your students deserve the opportunity to engage with a problem that promotes thinking, strategizing, and learning from mistakes. A focus will be on how adjusting our language, delivery, and support strategies as teachers help promote sense-makers.  Example tasks, and where they can be used to supplement your curriculum will be shared. Participants will walk away with at least one new alteration to implement thoughtful problem-solving learning into your classroom. 

Nov 17, 2022 4-5pm
Meaningful Fluency & Number Sense: Practices That Promote and Support a Growth Mindset

Imagine this: Your turn is next, you have to recite your math facts aloud in order to go outside for recess… and to top it all off you are being timed! The anxiety is real! We have to remind ourselves that fluency practice should be meaningful, and not based on memorization or time. Students should learn strategies to make sense of their fluency, and make connections to building relationships amongst numbers. During this session, participants will explore fluency activities that are fun, don’t depend on time or pressure, and support a growth mindset. Participants will walk away with resources and activities to try with their students immediately. 

All Hands In

From Knowing to Doing: The Culturally Responsive Educator Series 

Join us to explore professional learning and discourse around culture, equity, and the implementation of culturally responsive practices. These sessions are intended for teachers and leaders who want to deepen their understanding of equitable and inclusive practices for all students, and their implications for teacher and leader practices.

Fall 2022_From Knowing to Doing flyer.jpg

Upcoming Sessions

Oct 10, 2022 4-5pm
Defining Culture 

In this introductory session, participants will ground their discussions in a common definition of culture through a review of Zaretta Hammond’s Culture Tree. Participants will explore what it means to be Culturally & Community Responsive from the work of Dr. Jeff Duncan Andrade, and will reflect on the cultures of students and families within their specific school settings. Additionally, participants will discuss the role of culture in curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and socio-political contexts. This session is intended for teachers or leaders who want to consider how culture is seen and experienced in their school and classroom contexts. 

Oct 25, 2022 4-5pm
Defining and Seeing Equity in Educational Contexts

In this session, participants will ground their discussions on common definitions and visuals used to discuss equity in educational contexts. Participants will engage in an activity to define equality, opportunity, access, and equity and will reflect on how these common terms are present or lacking within their school settings. This session is intended for teachers or leaders who want to deepen their understanding of these terms and reflect on the practices and policies which move toward equity and inclusion.

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Exploration and Implementation

In this 3 part series, participants will explore the NYSED Culturally Responsive-Sustaining (CR-S) Education Framework. Each session will focus on key principles of the framework: Welcoming & Affirming Environment, Inclusive Curriculum & Assessment, High Expectations & Rigorous Instruction, and Ongoing Professional Learning and Support. By the end of the 3-part series, educators will learn about the CR-S Framework and leave with implementation strategies to use in classrooms with students. These sessions are intended for teachers and leaders who want to deepen their understanding of the NYSED’s CR-S framework and its implications for teacher and leader practices. 

Nov 3, 2022 4-5pm
Session 1: Overview
& Welcoming and Affirming Environment

Nov 10, 2022 4-5pm
Session 2: Inclusive Curriculum & Assessment

Dec 1, 2022 4-5pm
Session 3: High Expectations for Rigorous Instruction and Ongoing Support

In session 1, participants will learn about foundational elements of culturally responsive education, and explore what it means to create a welcoming and affirming environment for students as teachers and school leaders. This session is meant to be part of a sequence, however, participants can attend them as stand-alone if needed. 

In session 2, we will discuss what it means to identify and promote inclusive curriculum & assessments in classroom spaces for students. Participants will examine tools to audit school curricula & policies to ensure school systems are inclusive of various cultural perspectives. 

In session 3, we will discuss what it means to hold high expectations for students when engaging in rigorous instruction within the classroom and school settings. We will close out by considering Ongoing Professional Learning and Support to ensure educators and school leaders can consider areas of growth & support to align curriculum, and instructions to the histories, languages, and traditions of historically marginalized voices. 

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