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Checking for Student Understanding 

Below is a learning opportunity webinar presented by Rebecca Shea, M. Ed. , Senior Professional Development Specialist and 

Diana Straut, Ph. D., Senior Professional Development Specialist

This session will provide a variety of ways to plan and implement continuous checking for understanding (CFU) during synchronous,  asynchronous, and in-person learning.  Simple ideas will be provided to help you assess learning in smaller bites and discuss how those short CFUs can help you feed learning forward for students, in both your planning and for student engagement.  Strategies for how to give students effective feedback as you CFU will also be explored. 


Participants will be able to:

  • Learn simple strategies to employ in daily planning and teaching to CFU in all content areas

  • Explore some lo tech and no tech strategies for CFU across content areas.

Download additional materials:

Copy of Participant Copy Checking for Un
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