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Presenting Virtual Content: A continuum of options

Below is a learning opportunity webinar presented by Diana Straut, Ph. D., Senior Professional Development Specialist

This session explores a variety of ways to share content across synchronous, asynchronous, small group and 1:1 virtual options.  Ideas for transferring face to face teaching strategies--using packets, project based learning, and peer to peer cooperative learning for example--into virtual classrooms will be offered.  Participants will explore

  • considerations for deciding how to chunk content into manageable pieces for online learning

  • a continuum of no-tech or low tech ideas for presenting content in online settings

  • simple ideas for differentiating instruction to meet the needs of a wide range of learners

Some of the ideas that were introduced in the “Best Practices for Virtual Learning Environments” Webinar (4/20/20) will be further explored, as well as new ideas for offering content to students who are learning remotely. 

Download additional material:

Presenting Virtual Content PARTICIPANT C
Presenting Virtual Content Participant R
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