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Social Health During Social Distancing Webinar

Below is a learning opportunity webinar presented by Gina Karp, M.Ed. , Senior Professional Development Specialist

The five videos explore the following questions: What is Social-Emotional Learning, and how can it be implemented in the current virtual instruction context? How can SEL support and enrich academic work? This recorded sessions will provide an overview of Social-Emotional Learning principles with a focus on integrating SEL into the virtual learning context to maintain a sense of emotional safety, resiliency and well-being. 

Participants will:

  • Become familiar with the principles of SEL

  • Examine ways to apply SEL content and strategies to the virtual environment

  • Review examples of implementation

Part 1: Introduction and Overview
Part 2: The Why, What and How of SEL
Part 3: Taking SEL Online 
Part 4: Adaptations for K-12
Part 5: Adult SEL
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