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On-Demand Learning  
On Your Time, On Your Terms 

All courses are free of charge to NYS Religious and Independent School teachers and leaders with CTLE credits.

Leadership Practices

  • Academic Intervention Services (AIS) for Nonpublic Schools in NYS

  • Coaching for Increased Results

  • Feedback: Giving and Receiving It Effectively

  • High-Impact Instructional Leadership: Formative Assessment

  • High-Impact Instructional Leadership: Lesson Coherence

  • High-Impact Instructional Leadership: Student EngagementFeedback

  • Mentoring: The Basics 

  • Mentoring: Customize For Your School

  • Mentoring: Resources & Implementation 

  • Onboarding: Systems and Structures (Part 1)

  • Onboarding: Curriculum and Instructional Supports (Part 2)

  • Onboarding: Ongoing Support (Part 3)

  • Peer Coaching: Maximizing Expertise & Resources 

  • Recruitment & Retention of Teachers in Nonpublic Schools

  • Special Education for Nonpublic School Leaders

  • Substantial Equivalency for Nonpublic Schools in NYS 

  • The Hiring Process for Nonpublic School Leaders 

Teaching Practices

  • Accountable Talk to Increase Engagement

  • Aligning Instruction: Unpacking Writing Standards

  • Art: Creativity, Connection, Collaboration, and You

  • Book Studies

    • How to Differentiate in an Academically Diverse Classroom by Carol Ann Tomlinson 

  • Collaboration and Co-Teaching to Support All Learners

  • Defining Culture

  • Designing Checklists to Support Student Writing 

  • Differentiation Made Easier

  • Essential Assessment Practices

  • Meaningful Fluency & Number Sense: Practices that Promote a Growth Mindset

  • Meaningful Math Makeovers: Making Math Problems More Engaging 

  • Meaningful Math Play From the First Day 

  • New & Novice Teacher Academy

    • Course 1: Classroom Climate and Managing the Learning Environment

    • Course 2: Creating a Student-Centered Classroom

    • Course 3: Delivering High-Quality Learning Experiences for ALL Students

    • Course 4: Assessment for Learning 

    • Course 5: Reflective Practice & Professional Growth 

  • Promoting Student Independence with Prompt Hierarchies & Natural Support 

  • Turn Your Classroom into a Student-Centered Mathematical Playground

  • Using Mentor Texts to Improve Student Writing  

School & Classroom Environment

  • Family and Community Engagement

  • Introduction to Restorative Practices

  • Rebooting Classroom Culture for Post-Pandemic Teens

Registration Information

The Upstate PDRC is using TalentLMS to provide asynchronous professional learning. This convenient platform holds all the materials related to the on-demand professional development sessions offered through this platform. Once you create an account, you will have access to all courses.

To get started: 

1. Go to our course catalog:

2. If you are a CURRENT USER of TalentLMS you can skip to Navigating the Course guidance


3. If you are a NEW USER of TalentLMS, please choose “Sign Up” in the upper right corner of your screen


4. Complete the registration and return to your email to confirm your account. You will receive an email that will include a link such as this visual below. 


5. Log in with your username or email and password that you created during the registration process.


6. After confirming your account and logging into Talent LMS, you will be able to register for any of our upcoming sessions listed on our course catalog.


Navigating the Course

To complete a full course you will be directed to watch videos, read short articles, and answer check for understanding questions. The course will automatically move you from one section to another. 

As you move through the modules, you will see a completion button at the end of each video, reading, or check for understanding. 


Simply click this button and you will be directed to your next task.


At the end of each section, you will be asked to complete a check for understanding in order to reach course completion. Once you complete the short questions you will see this visual.


You will then click on the button towards the bottom of the screen that indicates you have passed and may continue to the next section of the course.


At any time you can go back to the main screen to see your progress through the course. Completed sections will be indicated with a green check mark.


Completing a Course

Once you have completed all units (sections) of a course successfully, a pop-up window will appear indicating you have completed the course. 

All courses have been set up to provide a CTLE certificate upon completion. 

At the end of the course, you’ll be prompted to download the certificate to keep for your records.

You can see all certificates for courses you have completed by clicking on the top right tab and selecting My Certifications in the drop-down menu.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, you will need to use your username or email as an identifier. Click here for a step-by-step guide.

What happens if I cannot see my completion certificate for CTLE credits?

First, ensure you have used the drop-down menu under your profile to locate My Certificates. If you do not see the course listed in this view, you will need to go back to the specific course and be sure you have completed all components within the modules, including the final feedback survey in order to be complete.  Each section within the module is indicated as complete when you see a green check mark next to that section. If you need to complete other sections do so and then refresh your browser. You should now be able to access the certificate for CTLE credits.  If you still are having issues after completing this process reach out to Emily Eller for technical support. See her email below.  


What type of email notifications will I receive?

You can expect to receive emails related to actions your Instructor has taken and would like to communicate with you. For example, when they have added new information to a course or provided you with feedback from your submitted assignments for the course. The email address you will see is

Please note: Initially these emails may end up in your spam folder.  If so, please mark this email address above as ‘safe’ in your email system.


What happens if my computer shuts down or my connection is lost while I’m completing a course? 

You may leave and resume a course at any point. When you return to the course click Resume, and you will be able to continue from the last section you accessed. If you were in the middle of a test (check for understanding) you will be able to resume the previous pending question.

What do I do if my school name is not available in the dropdown when I go to register my new profile in Talent LMS? 

Reach out to Emily Eller for technical support at


What if I have other questions that are not answered in this guide? 

Reach out to Rebecca Shea, Upstate PDRC Director, at

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