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Online Instructional Design and Pedagogy

Developing Rubrics to Assess Student Learning (Interactive Session)


Rebecca Shea, Senior Professional Development Specialist

This session will provide participants with an overview of types, purposes, and how to develop rubrics for upcoming assignments.  Example rubrics will be offered for both shorter and longer assignments, as well as addressing Bloom’s Taxonomy while developing rubrics. 


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify various types of rubrics and their purposes for assessing learning

  • Understand important characteristics when developing rubrics

  • Strategies to co-create rubrics with students

  • Utilizing rubrics for students’ self-assessment of learning

  • Online tools for developing rubrics

Presenting Virtual Content: A continuum of options  (Interactive Meeting)

Diana Straut, Ph. D., Senior Professional Development Specialist

This session explores a variety of ways to share content across synchronous, asynchronous, small group and 1:1 virtual options.  Ideas for transferring face to face teaching strategies--using packets, project based learning, and peer to peer cooperative learning for example--into virtual classrooms will be offered.  Participants will explore

  • considerations for deciding how to chunk content into manageable pieces for online learning

  • a continuum of no-tech or low tech ideas for presenting content in online settings

  • simple ideas for differentiating instruction to meet the needs of a wide range of learners

Some of the ideas that were introduced in the “Best Practices for Virtual Learning Environments” Webinar (4/20/20) will be further explored, as well as new ideas for offering content to students who are learning remotely. 

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