Current Learning Opportunities are offered below, first from the Upstate PDRC  on the left by topic area. Also provided are titles of opportunities offered by our PDRC partners; the Long Island PDRC at Catapult Learning and the NYC PDRC at Fordham University, off to the right. During this time of social distancing all of the PDRC learning opportunities are open and available to all NYS Religious and Independent Schools. You may register for Upstate PDRC offerings here on our website by clicking on the registration link provided below. To register for PDRC offerings from our partners in NYC and LI please click on the link provided to go to each of their websites under "find out more."  All offerings are online at this time. All offerings will be recorded for on demand access and stored under "Archived Offerings." 

Developing and Growing Online Learning Communities

Special Subjects Teachers Forum

(Interactive Session)

Gina Karp, Senior Professional Development Specialist

CTLE (continuing teacher and leader education) credits available for this professional development event. 

Music, Art, and PE teachers, we call you "special" for a reason! Your needs as teachers are unique, and your subjects are often the heart of the school day for students. How do we keep this going as we reopen? Start the new school year with inspiration, ideas, and resources from fellow teachers in your subject area.

This is a "make one/take one" session -- please come with an idea or resource to share with the group. Or, just come for networking and ‘painless PD’ before school starts.

Life After COVID 19: Reflection & Planning Forward  (Geared for Teachers)

Guest Presenter: Jonathan Kaufman, 

With a grounding in general theory and best practices regarding scenario planning, Teachers and School Leaders will be empowered to take agency and think more strategically and critically about their options and opportunities in navigating the current uncertainty.This session will provide an opportunity for teachers to reflect on this period of online teaching and learning. Participants will;

  • reflect on past learning and plan for the future re-opening,

  • explore and discuss current trends in education post COVID 19,

  • gain an understanding of disaster cycle management and how it applies to our current reality,  

  • gain insight into the why, how, and what of scenario planning and contingency planning, and  

  • explore strategies and tools that educators can implement immediately.

Online Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for School Educators: The What, Why and How   (On Demand)

Kelly Valmore, Director, The NYSED Professional Development Resource Center 

This session will offer school educators the history and the definition of PLCs - The What. It will also provide opportunities to better understand the benefits of PLCs to educators and schools overall - The Why. Best practices in PLC will be provided as well as strategies for conducting PLCs online - The How.

This recorded session is designed in 4 parts and offers interactive activities for individuals or small groups to view together with "pause and reflect" activities.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Define a PLC - describe what it is and is not

  2. Describe the values of PLC to their own practice and the their school

  3. Identify best practices of successful PLCs

Identify strategies for conducting PLCs online

Coming soon.

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