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The Power of Peer-to-Peer Coaching:  A PLC Program for Success
Part I: Tuesdays 3pm-4pm, March 1-March 29
Part II: Tuesdays, 3pm-4:30pm, April 5-May 10

The Upstate PDRC and the Long Island PDRC, in collaborative partnership, are pleased to offer our newest series,

The Power of Peer-to-Peer Coaching:  A PLC Program for Success.


​This program has been intentionally designed to meet the needs of all educators, school leaders and teachers. It is ideal, but not required, that 2 teachers from each school (e.g., 1 literacy teacher and 1 math teacher) and an administrator enroll in this program.​



This program, with both Part I and Part II, runs for 10 weeks. A high level of commitment at the school level is needed to complete this program successfully and to achieve the greatest impact on professional growth. For these reasons schools/educators seeking to enroll in this program are asked to contact the Upstate PDRC Director, Rebecca Shea ( to further discuss this opportunity.


Program enrollment for Part I begins on January 14th and ends on Tuesday, February 8th. Due to the design of this program, small group learning, both Part I and Part II will have a cap (yet to be determined).

The Power of Peer-to-Peer Coaching:
The Why, The What and the How

(Tuesdays 3pm-4pm, March 1 - March 29) 

Part I includes five, 60-minute sessions focusing on professional development to prepare school leaders and teachers to become peer-to-peer coaches through an Art of Coaching lens. At the macro level, this five-part series will focus on addressing the systemic components necessary for the effective design and implementation of a peer-to-peer coaching program in a school. 

Part I includes: 

  • Learning how to balance educator roles and responsibilities with the coach role

  • Understanding the necessary leadership supports the coach and the program

  • Designing a peer-to-peer coaching program that builds a culture of collaboration and growth

At the micro-level, this series will prepare participants to coach other teachers through PLCs, 1:1s, intervisitation, and modeling at a classroom level. The end product of Part I is an implementation action plan to effectively launch a peer-to-peer program at your school. 

      Note: Part I is required to participate in Part II.  

The Application of Coaching: Guided PDRC Support of Implementation

(Tuesdays 3pm-4:30pm, April 5 - May 10)

Part II is a continuation of Part I for those participants who seek a deeper level of professional development and implementation support.

Part II includes:

  • Five 90 minute sessions focused on the implementation of Part I’s PLC action plan

  • Customized sessions, breaking participants into small PLCs based on grade level, content area

  • Access to PDRC staff - weekly 1:1 consultation and email


The main objective of Part II is to support new peer-to-peer coaches as they begin to put new knowledge and skill into practice based on their implementation action plan created in Part I. PDRC staff will guide and support this practice through feedback cycles, reflection, looking at student data, and practicing coaching moves all aligned to their action plans. School leader PLCs will focus mainly at the macro (program systems) level as described in Part I while teacher PLCs will focus mainly on the micro (classroom level) as described in Part I.

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