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Welcome to Teacher2Teacher: the only podcast (that we know of!) dedicated to the work of New York State's religious and independent school teachers. 

Your hosts, Gina Gutierrez Karp (Senior Professional Development Specialist) and Christina Limson-Harvey (Facilitator of Online Learning) give a dynamic perspective to the field of teaching. Each month, they tackle a new question, and welcome your ideas for podcast episodes!


Episode 0: Who Are We, Anyway?
00:00 / 22:55
Episode 1: What's Your Teaching Style?
00:00 / 34:16
Episode 2: What works in school discipline?
00:00 / 31:46
Episode 3: Should we get rid of grades?!
00:00 / 41:08
Episode 4: What's the most important thing I learned in teacher training?
00:00 / 24:26
Episode 5: Is teaching a 10 month job...or a 12 month job?
00:00 / 22:02
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