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Coaching For Increased Results
Available Asynchronously Beginning in July 2022
Synchronous Sessions for August 2022:
Monday, August 22, 2022 9am - 2pm 
Tuesday, August 23, 2022 9am - 11am 

Course Overview:

This 3-hour course equips new and experienced coaches with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to advance their practice for increased student learning.



Current school leaders, instructional leads, and teachers interested in peer coaching.


Course Outline:

This course is organized into 3 modules. Each module takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. Participants will be provided with a digital sourcebook: The Fieldbook for Coaches.


Course Objectives:
1. Establish your identity as a coach, preferred coaching style, and goals for continuous learning

2. Learn the science behind adult learning, resistance to change, and tools for making coaching initiatives stick

3. Advance your communication and feedback techniques for high-impact coaching

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Module 1:
The Role of Coach Across Programs

This module provides coaches with knowledge and understanding of common types of coaching models and the different roles coaches play in their schools.

Module 2: 
Navigating Resistance & Designing Structures for Change

This module gives coaches the tools they need to manage the technical and adaptive hurdles that come with adult learning and school-wide program initiatives.

Module 3: 
Coaching Techniques & Essential Skills

This module equips coaches with listening and questioning techniques that move teacher practice forward and advance student learning.

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