Summer Academies
from the Upstate PDRC

Youth Club Meeting

Re-booting Classroom Culture for
Post-Pandemic Teens
Grades 7-12

Why is SEL so much easier to accomplish in elementary classrooms, and how can we successfully bring these much-needed mindsets and skills to middle and high school students? In this academy, we will explore what makes a teenager tick, and find out how to develop a classroom culture that promotes learning, engagement, and a sense of belonging. Middle and high school teachers will learn the elements of adolescent SEL and apply them to their own content area to help students re-boot, re-engage and find a path forward in their learning.

July 11-14
10:00am - 12:00pm 




Art Teachers: Creativity, Connection, Collaboration and You

Welcome teaching artists of all levels to a restorative virtual experience to kickstart your creative energy for the 2022-23 school year. This session will include activities that can be applied to your classroom and to your own practices as an artist. Creativity through collaboration and connection offers potential, as well as an essential goal of educators to knit our classrooms, ourselves, and our communities together. Come play and learn with fellow teaching artists. Participants will need to assemble the following art supplies prior to the session: markers or poster paints, 8.5 x 11” drawing paper sheets, glue, a notebook, pencils, crayons, and scissors. 

July 12, 19, 26

9:30am - 10:30am 


Colleagues Working Together

Clarification, Culture, and Connection: An Onboarding Workshop for
Leaders and Mentor Teachers 

How can school leaders create a streamlined, informative, and welcoming onboarding process for new to campus teachers? 
The purpose of this series is to ensure a sustainable and supportive culture for new staff. Through active collaboration, participation, and feedback this series will guide leaders to refreshing an existing onboarding (mentoring) process for new staff. For those wishing to create an onboarding process within their school community, this series can support leaders to make their initial steps in the right direction. Panelists will share experiences with a variety of onboarding structures, as well as encourage questioning. Anticipate the sharing of stories from the field to infuse ideas for the daily discussions surrounding creating an ongoing culture of clarity and connection with new staff.

July 18-21

10:00am -11:30am


All Hands In

Classroom Practices that Promote
Equity and Inclusion

This week-long session begins with a brief overview of systemic inequities in education and invites participants to begin addressing issues of equity and inclusion in the classroom. We will use an equity lens to look at community and family partnerships, curriculum and instructional materials, assessment practices, and classroom protocols and procedures.  

August 1-5



Working on Laptop

Identify, Develop and Adapt: Leadership Tools for Supporting Instructional Practice

This series is designed for leaders, instructional coaches, or mentor teachers who support the continuous improvement of teachers’ instructional practice. This series will explore how to identify and leverage teacher competencies to develop appropriate support strategies for professional learning. Rubrics will be used as a tool for productive discussions with teachers. Discussion-based scenarios will lead to uncovering ways to support teachers in their current levels of practice so growth feels both realistic and measurable. 


August 8-12



Elementary Classroom

New/Novice Teacher Academy: Creating a Student-Centered Classroom

Back by popular demand from last summer: An introductory, interactive course to help teachers in their 1st to 3rd year prepare for September, with a focus on:

  • Managing the classroom environment

  • Designing and delivering high-quality instruction

  • Embedding assessment to ensure success 

  • Getting ready for fall with templates, organizational strategies, tips for classroom setup, etc.

August 15-19